Throughout my practise, I am constantly propelled to delve deeper and capture essences of the world around and the individual experience via sound, narrative, and image. Built from the foundations of politics and anthropology, I hope to use music as a vehicle of dialogue, meditation, and introspection, bringing people together and bridging the distance of the 'other.'
The ‘Lesser Gods of the Sea’ is a meditative sound piece on the currant migrant crisis and rising inter communal animosity in Europe. It was commissioned and aired on Gemaal op Zuid during 'Radio Paleis Maashaven', a collaboration between Sculpture International and Operator Radio on the 13th of February 2022. By triggering samples, recorded soundscapes and combining them with original compositions, this soundscape attempts to evoke similar feelings of glitchy instability and yearn for a better future. Snippets from a conversation I had with Khalil, an Algerian migrant in 2020 tells the story of his journey to Spain whilst transversing the choppy Mediterranean expanse mixed with a labour song sung by Algerian women, recorded during my last trip to Algeria.
See for example, ‘Mother prays, father weeps,’ in which my collaborator Lydia Ourahmane and I responded to the Israel-Palestine wars occurring in 2021 by collecting prayers from our community across the Middle East and North Africa, combining this with field recordings gathered in Algeria, Jordan, original compositions, and selected tracks for an hour-long radio show commissioned by Delfina Foundation London and aired in Radio Alhara.
In February 2024, I premiered a commission from the British Music Collection, Sound and Music and Heritage Quay in which I explored the British Music Collection’s physical archive based at Heritage Quay in Huddersfield, and produced a new sonic work in response to their findings. Based on this, I collaborated with Jhenelle White, an editor and cinematographer to collage archive films from Palestine and Lebanon to accompany the music composition and this was premiered at Huddersfield University alongside a Q&A with Creative Director of Sound and Music, Laonikkos. Further, the audio-visual work is now showing as part of the 'don't worry, I won't forget you' exhibition under the West Asian and North Africa Library at Forma Arts and Media in London from June 14th-August 9th alongside artists Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri, Xece "Khadija Baker", Meriem Bennani, Shamiran Istifan, Olivia Melkonian and Sara Rahman.  
I also have a background in composition for film and have produced soundtracks for short-films, TV ads and dance. In this present moment, I am working on the soundtrack for a short film by director Scar Wood which traces a story of an autistic child and grandmother navigating the traditional education system in the U.K entitled 'Quiet Hands.’ Moreover, my last performance was for Distance Anatomy (11/08/2023), soundtracking synchronised dance and new media art performance across the pond at Brooklyn Art Haus in London with the XOLO event series at IKLECTIK, London. Playing alongside Flora Yin-Wong, Yewen Jin and visual artists such as Vytas Niedvaras, my collaborator Francisco Morgan and I performed a 35-minute set of original music spatialised across the 16-channel sound-system using cutting edge technology.
Furthermore, my radio work has also been budding in recent months; guesting on Refuge Worldwide, Noods Radio and hosting a show on I currently hold a bimonthly residency show on entitled ‘before the concrete dries’ which aims to forge a space for noise, bass, experimental electronic music, and Arab music from artists from the Arab/African diaspora in the U.K.  
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