Sara Rahman is a British-Algerian interdisciplinary composer, musician and researcher who classically trained in cello and voice. She graduated in 2022 from the Superior Music Conservatory of Catalunya (ESMUC) with a Masters in Film Composition.
Sara works with voice, electronics, field recordings, found audio, and smaller ensembles as well as large group compositions. She has received commissions from Delfina Foundation, Sculpture International Rotterdam, and Sound and Music, to create works for radio and composition alongside releasing on 3024.
Her work also leans towards soundtrack for film and curating a bimonthly residency on which invites new and exciting artists from the Arab and African diaspora to partake in the idea that ‘music forges communities.’
Beyond this, she also performs solo and in a collaboration with Francisco Morgan. Rahman will be presenting her commission from Sound and Music and British Music Collection for the Beyond the Edge exhibition at Heritage Quay on the 15th of November. 

15th of November: Sound and Music, BMC commission presentation at Heritage Quay, Huddersfield, U.K. 
30th of December: solo performance at the Modern Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, Spain. 
23rd of January: bimonthly residency show performance on, Greece.
WIP 'Quiet Hands' soundtrack for the narrative short by director Scar Wood