30.03.2024, 'un exercisi obert' live at MACBA Barcelona for 108 days exhibition.
Sara Rahman presented new musical compositions and sketches of an upcoming project, combining field recordings, voice, electronics and an ensemble of three cellists who met for the first time on the day to experiment with improv formations and score written by Sara over her soundscapes and productions (Anna Llorens, Laura Mendoza and herself). In the entrance of the tower, Sara showed a video installation of her recent work 'you go, once before.'
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm: Open rehearsal.
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm: Performance.
Mother prays, Father weeps (2021)
Commissioned by Delfina Foundation from Lydia and Sarah Ourahmane for the May edition of the monthly The Delfina Sessions slot on Radio Alhara, as part of the station’s Sonic Liberation Front. Following its broadcast on Tuesday 18 May 2021 the sisters re-edited the work and gave permission for it to be made permanently available on the Delfina Platform as part of the May 2021 edition of our Family Lunch: Home Delivery.
ساعة التشفع | an hour of intercession
​Amidst the horror of the latest escalation of destruction, devastation, and violation of international law in occupied Palestine, Lydia Ourahmane (Delfina Foundation artist-in-residence, 2016) and Sarah Ourahmane gathered communal prayers, spoken in both love and solidarity with the Palestinian people – from communities stretching from Algiers to Sidon – and wove them together to offer this hour of intercession.
Archival Futures  (ongoing)
supports Guarani and Kaiowá Indigenous communities in Brazil to protect their cultural heritage and traditional knowledge while highlighting the challenges they face. The project aims to raise awareness of violence against them and support their daily struggle, as well as to promote broader understanding of Indigenous Brazilian contexts. It challenges exclusionary museum models by exploring new technologies and providing a collaborative example of producing and presenting cultural heritage collections.

The project presents the cosmo-vision and ecological perspectives of the Guarani and Kaiowá, offering an alternative model of human-nonhuman-ecology relationships and inspiring new ways to address the global climate crisis.
Assistant Sound Engineer for the British Museum & University College of London Experimental Virtual Reality project curated in collaboration with Guarani and Kaiowa indigenous communities. Using 360 Spatial Audio production and VR. 
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