2018/19/20 HRH Prince Al-Waleed Award to conduct fieldwork across Algeria looking into the intersection between folklore, ritual and worship, collecting stories and narratives via sound and field recordings
2022 Francis Chagrin Award to support early-career musicians and composers in their artistic practise

2022 First Artist Management Mentorship Program
2022 Modern Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona, Research Residency entitled 'Sound and Space' looking at the intersection between key 1980s architectural Niemeyer commissions across Algeria and the politics of space and structuralism within the context of 1990s Algeria and also the youth
2023/4 Bimonthly music residency on 
2023 Residency at Heritage Quay commissioned by Sound and Music and the British Music Collection
2024 Participating artist in the Thrive Development programme at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire 
2024 upcoming residency at Rhizome Gallery, Algiers 
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